The Power of Intention

Episode 131 · June 27th, 2020 · 28 mins 47 secs

About this Episode

A key aspect of establishing your personal voice is figuring out what is most important to you in your work. What do you want to communicate to other people? What responses do you hope to evoke? The process of defining these intentions can be challenging, involving some basic but important questions, and may take some time to process and refine. But clear intentions are a powerful tool. Today we will look at the process of clarifying your intentions and the advantages for doing so.

Intentions both describe and create our experiences. They express who you are, your core selfas well as the desire to continue with your ongoing concerns. Writing intentions down can be a powerful exercise, helping you to establish and integrate what you most want into your practice. The act of writing can set these concepts in motion even below conscious awareness.

How can you arrive at a list of intentions? This requires some introspection, including deeply observing your own work, that of others you admire, and asking yourself how you would like viewers of your work to respond. The process may take a while; some ideas may come to you imediately, in an obvious way, while others require contemplation. Intentions should be broad and not feel limiting--opening up ideas and new directions over time. It's also fine to have some that are closer to goals than actualities, because intentions are for the long haul. Shorter term goals and intentions can also be developed as an aside for specific projects, but the core list should be something that provides guidance, and allows for flexibility and new ideas over time.

Intentions provide many benefits in a practical sense. As a framework for statements about your work, they enable you to write and speak clearly. They also help with self-critique and to stay on track in pursuing ideas. They can refresh your sense of what you want when you are blocked creatively, and aid in your self-esteem and identity as an artist by giving you a sense of control over your art practice.

We hope this episode will help you create your own list of intentions or--if you already have one--reaffirm its importance in your art practice.

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