Creating A Daily Series

Episode 165 · February 13th, 2021 · 33 mins 26 secs

About this Episode

Working in series is usually an involved process in terms of both time and focus. Artists are often known for series that explore ideas in a sustained, deep way. But the intriguing aspects working in series can also happen in a quicker, more spontaneous way, with a new piece each day. Today we’ll look at working in series with a sketchbook, or using other small or quick formats, and explore how this can be an important part of an artist’s practice.

Series of any kind generate and develop new ideas, grow technical ability, and help to organize your thinking and direction. Working on a series in a fairly quick, direct daily practice opens the door to new ideas and abilities even wider. Your process with such a series may be either spontaneous and open-ended, or more conceptual and defined. In either case, completing the individual pieces in a short time can yield surprising and satisfying results.

In this episode we present background on two such series, Rebecca’s Pandemic Sketchbook and James Edward Scherbarth’s Currach and Stone Series. Though they approach their work with very different intentions, these are both very personal and meaningful series to the artists. The work also is created within boundaries that help define it as a series—limitations on focus, format, materials used, and a timeline set by the artist.

By delving into the details of these two series we hope to inspire listeners to try their own practice of recording thoughts, ideas, and moods on a daily or regular basis as a series, and to consider what this might bring to their work overall.

James Edward Scherbarth website:
Eric Maisel's book: The Power of Daily Practice

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