Episode 175 · April 24th, 2021 · 26 mins 30 secs

About this Episode

The artist’s life is challenging in ways that go beyond producing strong work, as difficult as that may be. An art practice also makes huge demands of us on a personal and emotional level. Although we love what we do, all of us sometimes feel overwhelmed by these demands, which include the need for constant self-examination, brutal honesty, and being willing to push through difficulties. Yet we know that these challenges come with the territory and are the path to true personal expression. Today we will focus on the challenge and rewards of being authentic and honest with ourselves in our studio practice.

Authenticity as a person means being genuine, willing to show your whole self, not just parts of it. It also means that although you are willing to listen to other people, you are not overly eager to adapt to what others advise or demand unless it feels right to you. But as artists we are subject to various pressures from our teachers, galleries, collectors, friends and loved ones. Our own inner voices can also add to unrealistic or negative input.

How can you separate these distracting influences from who you are authentically? How can you work in genuine way and not be overly influenced by other people? Do you ever take the easy path in your work because it is what will please others? Finding and honoring our authentic voice is one of the biggest challenges for an artist, and one that requires honesty and commitment.

But art also gives us a way to claim our own territory and push back at all aspects of our lives that aren’t genuine. It is a great teacher about our true selves. Authenticity may be hard won and take time to achieve but finding and holding to it in some measure is crucial to honest and confident self-expression.

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