Letting Go

Episode 190 · October 4th, 2021 · 37 mins 42 secs

About this Episode

A couple of weeks ago-- during our first episode after the break that we took for moving this summer--we talked a little about the emotional side of letting so much go from our former lives. This seems to have struck a chord with listeners—we received quite a few comments about the experience of moving, its difficulties, and the anxieties it creates. A need to shed possessions of any sort is a challenge, but to let go of very personal objects like works of art is especially difficult. Today we’ll focus on Rebecca’s experiences of clearing out her studio and some thoughts about letting go in general.

Using the three categories that are common for decluttering of keep, sell or give away, and discard is a very helpful approach. At first the task of moving a studio can seem overwhelming, but like a lot of things, this focused approach gets easier with practice. Over the eight weeks it took Rebecca to move it became easier to make decisions based on these categories.

Selling work is a great solution if you can pull it off but may take a dedicated stretch of time and quite a bit of organization ahead of time to be successful. Donating and giving art away is another way to reduce the amount of inventory prior to a move and can be very gratifying. Looking for venues to donate art to that will display it publicly, like a hospital, can be especially satisfying. And of course, in terms of getting rid of art, discarding it is the most challenging emotionally, but it can also feel freeing.

Keeping artwork when you move can make sense for special pieces that you want to keep, or anything you see potential for selling in the future. But it's always important to consider storage strategies in the new studio.

The emotional aspects of letting go are clearly part of the process. as a whole. Along with a sense of loss can come feelings of lightness, clarity, and relief in going forward with more simplicity.

In this episode, Rebecca shares many stories of her own experience of moving, in the hopes of offering ideas and hope for others in the same situation. Everyone’s experience of moving is different but there are also lots of similarities. No matter your own situation, it's important to acknowledge that it is a big upheaval in your life, and you need to take things step by step with faith that it will work out, and to appreciate the rewards that will come.

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Rebecca and her partner Jerry McLaughlin are excited to be launching year two of Cold Wax Academy's membership program, which began in October of 2020. In the coming year, live online learning sessions will feature an entirely new set of topics---beginning with a deep dive into technique and the steps involved in developing a painting. Other topics for year 2 include professional development, abstraction and realism, principles of design, and expanded uses for cold wax medium.

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Here is what a member named Sandy has to say about her own experience:
"Rebecca and Jerry have presented the most professional, authentic and structured approach to a creative activity I have ever come across. Their selfless sharing of all their knowledge and encouragement is a gift in my life unsurpassed."

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