Intuitive, Spontaneous, or Random?

Episode 254 · June 5th, 2023 · 32 mins 15 secs

About this Episode

Intuition and spontaneity are important to many artists. But what about randomness? While these words are related in superficial ways, they have very different meanings in the context of art practice. Intuition and spontaneity play positive roles. Intuition can be a powerful guide and a source of new ideas, and spontaneity leads to energy and excitement. Randomness, on the other hand, tends to lead you off track and reduce the meaning and impact of your work.

Intuition and spontaneity have somewhat different meanings although they are very closely related. Intuition means inner knowing or understanding, a sense of rightness. It may evolve slowly and grow over time based on practice and experience and can stand up to analysis and questioning. Spontaneity means being in the present moment, playing, and acting with freedom and energy. It is reactive to the situation and not something to question or analyze.

How do these approaches differ from randomness? Although all three are alike in not being planned, random responses are characterized as being without purpose and based in chance. They have no specific source, while intuition and spontaneity both arise from your core creative self and push you forward in inspiring ways.

It can be very helpful to recognize your own use of these three approaches. Learning to recognize randomness and avoiding it can help keep you on track with developing meaning in your work, while cultivating intuition and spontaneity can provide valuable insight and energy. These distinctions can be hard to identify in the moment but in observing your work over time you can more easily see their impact.

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