Getting Through Winter

Episode 62 · March 9th, 2019 · 25 mins 25 secs

About this Episode

Rebecca and Ross discuss the difficulties of dealing with the extreme winter that many artists are experiencing.

Podcast notes:
Getting through Winter

Intro: A lot of our listeners live in places that have had a very difficult winter this
year with lots of snow, below zero temperatures, and bad roads, and all of this
means added stress, challenges and time-consuming chores that can interfere
with the more creative aspects of life.

Last week Rebecca asked our Facebook friends to comment on how they are
coping with this difficult season. Today we’re going to discuss some of their
answers and strategies—

Winter in Wisconsin/upper Midwest--what that has been like
March especially frustrating since it is spring elsewhere
the realities of things like the need to shovel one’s roof, cars that won’t start,
impassable streets etc.

A few people weighed in from the opposite extreme of climate, very hot weather
such as in Australia winter—any extremes are difficult
Answers from facebook post—
Winter as a time to hibernate, create, excuse to say no to things and focus on
your inner life

Works best if your studio is in your house
And if things are basically settled and peaceful in your life
Means accepting a lower activity level and smaller projects or level of
ambition; enjoying a hibernating feeling

One person commented that an artist’s work is always going on even
when not physically making art—planning, reading, thinking
Some draw inspiration from winter, such as using warmer palette or
finding beauty in the starkness

Suffering from SAD and isolation
Lack of motivation
Lack of exercise (other than snow shoveling!)
Feeling blocked and struggling with difficult feelings of lack of worth for the
work as result of emotional stress
Physical difficulty getting to studio’
Frustration with deadlines that still have to be met
Lack of daylight
Unable to have usual ventilation/doing things outside/
interruption of usual routines to deal with weather, hard to keep a

Scale back, Accept that smaller projects done at home may be necessary at
Not planning big projects or shows; but of course, this may not be
practical—life goes on
Imagining this ahead of time and planning/getting set up, realizing that it
may be hard to motivate from the beginning once winter sets in
Look for some way to do exercise—stationary bike or other equipment mall
walking, x-c ski
Even a short break if possible, in better weather can help
Reach out to other artists in your area, even a call or email can help