Henry Martin

Special guest

(From http://www.henry-martin.co.uk/home)

Irish writer, often found in London or Dublin. Feel free to get in touch.

Rights enquries on Agnes Martin: Pioneer Painter Icon to MacKenzieWolf USA.


Teaching: Guest Lecturer in Creative Writing, University for the Creative Arts, February 2019

and Camberwell College of Art, March 2019.

Talks: Hugh Lane Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre, Waterstones, University of Edinburgh.

Journalism: The Irish Times, Hyperallergic, The Planthunter, House Magazine, RTE Radio.

Books: Company Cod, Ronchini Gallery, Phaidon Press, Schaffner Press, Gli Ori.

Theatre: Belltable, Lime Tree Theatre, Theatre 504, Underbelly, Roundhouse, Bunker Theatre.

Film/TV: My screenplay The Human Artefact was shortlisted for the Red Planet Prize and longlisted for the BBC Tony Doyle Award. I have completed a TV pilot and written sample scenes for a number of production companies.

Henry Martin has been a guest on 2 episodes.