Jason Matias

Special guest

(From https://www.jasonmatias.com/about)

I haven’t been everywhere yet but it’s on my to-do list. I have visited a fair bit of the world though, witnessing it all with the skepticism of a native New Yorker. My first years in the military reshaped me. The New Yorker in me got pummeled. I learned. Traveled. Relearned. That became my habit. When complacency sets in, I know it’s time to move again. Along the way, I learned first the camera, and later the pen. Today I carry both and they war with each other for my attention.

While stationed at Eielson Air Force Base, I faced skepticism about my solo backcountry hiking in Alaska. “No picture, no proof.” Photography solved that problem. Since then that knack for documentation has bloomed, wintered, and bloomed again. I now define my photography as having two distinct themes: Comfortable Isolation and the Aria. I have been mastering skills but also crafting my art as cameraman into a vision that is personal and wholly my own.

Jason Matias has been a guest on 2 episodes.