How Others See You

Episode 141 · September 5th, 2020 · 50 mins 35 secs

About this Episode

We create our art and conduct our art careers mostly from within the bubble of our own point of view. But our reputations are important to our success and they are defined by the way other people see us. From within our own perspectives, we can lose sight of how we come across to our colleagues, collectors, students, galleries, and others who define us in the outside world. Today will be talking about shaping your reputation as an artist, and why it is important.

Reputation can be a fraught topic, especially for the introverts among us who prefer not to be in the spotlight. Wondering what people think of us can trigger insecurities that go back to adolescence and young adulthood when personal reputation could seem like everything. Many of us experienced constant judging by peers and parents in those times, leaving lasting negative imprints and confusing us about what we really wanted in life. Even the desire to pursue art as a major part of our lives may have been discouraged because of fears that it could lead to a questionable image among our peers and relatives.

As adult artists, reputation includes not just personal aspects, but also how others see us as colleagues and professionals. At its core, our reputation is a reflection of our authentic self, because most people cannot fake an image even if they try. But even if aspects of your personality are quirky or challenging, it's possible to navigate an art career. In fact, a unique personality can be an asset in creating an impression. On the other hand, people who are easy to deal with may find more opportunities for networking, gallery representation, and other steps up in the art world.

The reputation of the quality of your art itself though is perhaps most important aspect of what people think of us. Qualities of strength, growth, consistency, and authenticity in your work will set you apart and establish the reputation of your work. We all start somewhere, but it can be harmful to promote your work heavily when you are a beginner and creating a weak first impression. Projecting confidence is important, and it takes time to develop your work to the point that you feel this in a genuine way.

Though we often feel that reputation is fragile, we also have the power to change and shape the way people think of us over time.

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