Cooking Up Something Good

Episode 144 · September 26th, 2020 · 48 mins 31 secs

About this Episode

In our almost three years of recording podcasts, we have often found ourselves comparing cooking and art in terms of process and outcome. Since our podcast description includes “life in general” we thought it would be fun to move away from the messy studio and into the messy kitchen for an episode that explores the ways that cooking and creating art share aspects of creativity.

Many artists excel at cooking and enjoy it as a relaxing and creative activity. The parallels to making art include the sensory aspect of working with materials, the need for creative innovation, balancing of flavors, and patience in letting things reach the perfect point of being done. Experience plays a role in both practices, as we gradually learn better to predict and control outcomes.

There is also the sense of flow that a confident cook can achieve in the kitchen, moving between tasks and responding in the moment to what is needed. That feeling of control and spontaneity being in perfect balance is something many artists love when it happens in the studio.

Self-expression plays a part in both the kitchen and studio, as we look for ways to create unique mixtures and processes that say who we are. Individuality shines through in either process, or two people with the same recipe can produce very different results. Intuition and a playful attitude can bring the spark that both makes food special and art unique.

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