Emotional Territory

Episode 214 · July 31st, 2022 · 35 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

Creative work involves a myriad of emotions. In a single day in the studio, an artist can cycle through excitement, frustration, despair, relief, pleasure, and hope. Sending a finished piece into the world can bring on anxiety and feelings of vulnerability, along with more positive emotions like anticipation and satisfaction. Emotional involvement comes with the territory of our work-- but we do need to stay on track, focus, and show up in the studio. Today we’ll talk about coping with the tangle of emotions that can challenge artists and other creative people.

Emotional involvement in your work is part of the territory of creativity. Positive emotions help us stay motivated, experience satisfaction, and feel connected ot our work. These positive feelings are evidence of our passion for our work.
Without them our process can feel flat, boring, rote, and mechanical. But along with more negative feelings, the range of emotions connected to your work can be exhausting and confusing and get in the way of productivity.

Feelings of fear, inadequacy, and pessimism can be very discouraging. These are generally rooted in your personality, and if so, you also face them in other areas of life. But as an artist you do have a path to working through them. The process of making art or engaging in other kinds of creativity is a way of feeding and nurturing positive feelings. Art and other creative endeavors teach us so much about ourselves--about trust, patience, and persistence. Just by engaging in your work, by overcoming the challenges that it presents, there can be a shift over time in attitude and how you cope with negative emotions.

We all differ in how intensely we experience the emotions connected with creative work, and this can shift over time if it is intense, as you better recognize how to cope with ups and downs and understand their role in your life. Art can become your steady anchor no matter what kinds of emotional upheavels you may experience.

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